animal testing

I am strongly apposed to animal testing .

Quite frankly I am apposed to the fact that a product would even need to be tested on animals. To see what? If it kills the animal? If it makes it sick? If it turns the animal blue? Seriously, why would I want to buy, say a lipstick, which contains chemicals that are so foreign to a human that they are needed to be literally injected into the eye ball of a rabbit to see what effect it would have?

My rule is; if I  don’t know the ingredient then I  don’t want it on my body or in my body and even more so if the ingredient needs to be tested… then I don’t even want that ingredient in the same zip code as me!

Leave the animals alone and how about instead of making toxic products companies take a different stance and make natural organic ones that need no testing? how is that for a solution?!

Vote with your dollar and refuse to buy from companies who test on animals!

a great seal to look for is the  leaping bunny  cruelty free 🙂

leaping bunny


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