Broken medical system ~ an analogy

I want to talk about the medical system today.

I want to tell you a story about our dog as an example of what humans go through all the time.

Our dog got bit by a tick almost 2 months ago now.

We removed the tick as soon as we found it and a few days later she got diarrhea.

Then again after a few days.

And then a third time.

The third time it was really bad and then it became a weird peeing thing.

That then turned into limping.

The limping was really bad.

And she became lethargic.

She was a 6-7 month old puppy who wasn’t playing.

Heck she was sleeping all day.

this was her trying to get relief from the pain 😦

I took her to the vet.

They did a check up and said there was nothing wrong with her. I told them my concern about the tick bite but they didn’t want to test the tick but they did run blood work including testing for all tick related diseases on her and all the blood work came back normal so they gave me some anti diarrhea pills incase she got bad diarrhea again and sent me home.

A few days went by and she got way worse.

The limping was horrible.

The lethargy was really bad.

And she didn’t really want to eat.

So back to the vet I went.

This time they were a little concerned about her as they saw all the videos and pictures of her I sent them and saw she was limping bad.

So several X-rays later and a physical exam later and off they sent me with anti inflammatories this time telling me it was just growing pains and that she will outgrow it.

Again I brought up the tick bite and was dismissed saying the odds of her being sick from the tick bite are too low and reminded me that they already ran all the blood work and it was all negative.

So off I went with anti inflammatories.

Several days went by and her eyes started getting blood shot and she couldn’t open one side at a time. She looked like she was in extreme pain 😦 Also the way she acted started to feel like she was having neurological problems 😦


Back to the vet I went.

This time I was fed up and determined.

I got there and the vet started to dismiss every symptom she had with an explanation for each…

The limping – growing pains

The red eyes- a spider bite

The diarrhea- she must have eaten something bad

The lethargy- she is a growing pup and probably tired

Fortunately the vet still took the bloods and ran the lab work even though she wasn’t convinced it could have been the tick. She tested for all tick stuff again at this point it was 6 weeks after the tick bite. (*which by the way is how long it takes apparently to get an accurate blood test result after a tick bite*).

After finishing to brush off all the symptoms and tell me she was fine, she then went to check the results of the blood work and came back to tell me… finally a positive borrelia lyme test result !!!

Which explained every single one of her symptoms!

I was so relieved and at the same time I felt so exhausted trying to get her diagnosed and all I thought was how I know so many people that have been through this exact situation. Not for their pets, but for themselves or a human family member.

So many friends and acquaintances that have messaged me over the years desperately seeking answers and looking for a doctor that will listen to them.

Each of them brushed off by doctor after doctor;

Treated for one symptom at a time,

Given drugs for each individual symptom,

Instead of looking at the whole picture.

I hope a doctor reads this!

If you are a doctor …I know you are probably over worked and tired. you probably have patients booked back to back and are given 5 min, if your lucky, per patient and you probably hear so many people complain about so many symptoms.

Please, take an extra few min and really truly listen to your patient.

Don’t just put bandaids on each of their symptoms.

The symptoms are there to show you the bigger picture.

Take a moment and step back and try to see the bigger picture.

you might be the first or the 20th doctor they have seen but You might be there only hope or there last hope!

As for our pup, she stared the antibiotics this week and she already looks different…

Her eyes are not red anymore.


She is actually playing instead of sleeping.


She is eating well again.

And she is no longer limping !



why bother?

I have seen so many comments to this effect.

I had mentioned to a group how scented fabric soap and softeners are toxic for one’s health. And one person ( as always ) says “well then we might as well live in a box becuase everything is toxic.”

And THAT is my point; if people have reached the point where they don’t care becuase well ‘why bother’? Then we might as well give up … destroy the earth and our health.

The POINT is that every little change matters and adds up … perhaps this week one person will stop buying GMO foods. Next week maybe they will stop buying toxic soaps. Maybe they will take the smart meters off their homes. And so on … over time each of those small changes add up to big changes.

It is very overwhelming when one starts; as there are many toxic chemicals and things around us. But I want to encourage you all to make any change you can any time you can. They will all add up.



I got a water filter about 2 years ago now .

I used to have such a hard time drinking water; it just tasted bad to me . I could smell the chemicals in it;  especially the chlorine… and so drinking water was difficult.

And then I ended up with a kidney stone 😦

For those of you who have had one, you know how horrible it is. For those of you haven’t, I hope you never get one!

The best way to avoid getting a stone obviously is to drink water. I knew I never wanted another stone again … and I know the importance of drinking water … WATER IS LIFE!

So I set off on a quest to find a water filter that would make my water taste good and hence I would want to drink it … and I found it …

the berkey water system is amazing!

Also as a bonus we had a water boil advisory just recently … and I found out it was due to e-coli … I discovered that  my berkey filters e-coli 99.9999 % so I wasn’t freaking out too much when I learned about the boil advisory a day into it.

here is a link to go check out the berkey water system 🙂

now go drink a glass of water and have a great day 🙂


what do we do

So what is one to do? Sadly the companies that make the toxic stuff have the funds to advertise and brain wash people into buying their products and companies that make the natural safer stuff have very little advertising funds. If it needs be advertised (to death)… then I would seriously question it.

I like the logic if it has a commercial then don’t buy it. After all have you ever seen a commercial selling vegetables? fruits? nuts?  or the natural dish soap? or vingear to wash your floors? 


I know that there are many many post, blogs, web sites containing lots of information on all of these.  My purpose with these posts has been to get you to question your purchases and do your research.  And like I said in my first post I wish I lived at a simpler time … one without so much toxicity … but here I am and I am making the best of the information I have.

put simply ~

live a simple life. 

a pure life 

a natural life

~ Lisa

please feel free to post in the comments or even share your stories with me about all the changes you are making  🙂

minimalism 2

so how do I avoid stuff?

Well first off; I don’t go shopping … sounds weird to say that but I rarely go to the mall. So rarely that it tends to be once a year perhaps and when I go to the mall there is always new stores that were not there the last time;  that is how rarely  I go  🙂

I do most of my shopping online and I find this way I tend to shop more selectively and not splurge on the spot.

I don’t buy anything unless it serves a purpose .

I also tend to research items and compare before I purchase anything, my husband says I should become a professional researcher as I am that good at it LOL.

I avoid big box stores as much as possible.

I never go to the dollar store (to be completely honest I have gone maybe twice in the last 9 years) I know families that go weekly and buy their children an item a week; which quickly accumulates.

I also love selling stuff ( it has become a kind of hobby … I walk through my home and find stuff to sell from toys to books to household items).

I  don’t buy the kids random toys throughout the year. 

and as for books I used to buy a lot of books but I use the library to it’s fullest extent by asking them to order specific books for us and that has cut down on my book buying  over the last several years.

I love living simply and without  clutter piled up around me.

I feel like the less stuff around us the more focused my kids and myself are … and the more we just appreciate activities  and time spent together.

If you are overwhelmed a good place to start is with one room and declutter it as much as possible and go from there … one step at a time. Also the next time you are about to buy something ask yourself if you really need that item 🙂

find my first post about minimalism here

~ Lisa


I want to talk about  minimalism today 🙂

I hate clutter.

I don’t  like the word hate as it is a very strong word but I truly hate clutter. 


I have this very zen attitude towards our living environment … I like it to be clutter free and I like it to be as natural and as healthy as possible.


Yes this is hard with 3 kids and living in north america… as it seems the purpose of living here is to accumulate stuff … you buy a house to fill it up with stuff. and then buy a bigger home as your 1st home gets to full.

It is overwhelming in todays day and age; as there is an overabundance of STUFF, and everything seems to be made with TOXIC STUFF.

This is a really neat video series  about the story of stuff  … great for kids to watch.

I can tell you that besides my crazy homeschool room the rest of my house is pretty much clutter free.

The bedrooms have no toys in them …. I have always had this crazy idea that bedrooms were to be empty and calm rooms for sleeping and reading in.

how do I avoid stuff? 

I will tell you tomorrow 🙂


laundry and dish soap

I want to briefly mention laundry and dish soap 

People do not seem phased when buying laundry soap. After all, the big name brands have been around for ever. So why question them with all their marketing power? Sadly, if you take a moment and google the name of the big laundry brands and the words  “linked to cancer”  you will be shocked.

Yes, again we ask; why is this stuff sold? and why is no one governing what can and can’t be sold? People vote every day with their money. If a company makes a product and it sells; then the company is happy to make more and sell more … and sadly there are no laws that govern chemicals in laundry or dish soap (or many other products for that matter) So it is completely up to the consumer to do the research.

There are plenty of natural alternatives available today in the natural section of your store. Or you could make your own with a few simple ingredients. Or I simply use baking soda and vinegar in my wash sometimes when I run out of my natural laundry soap. Also you really don’t need that much soap in your wash; I put maybe a table spoon of soap in my regular wash.


And as for dish soaps; I encourage you to walk through a natural aisle in your grocery store and see all the other options available. The ones that are friendly to the environment and do not contain Formaldehyde or phosphate or other toxic stuff.

As I stated in an earlier post … it is exhausting and like detective work. I would love to run out of laundry or dish soap and walk into a grocery store and pick up any bottle and walk out and not worry about what the heck I just bought ?

If we do keep voting with our money, change will happen and one day companies will be held liable for making toxic products … but the only way this will happen is if the consumer makes some noise!

So let’s make sure we are loud!



So with my whole OCD about organic and natural stuff … how do I clean my house ?!

Great question!

When we bought our first home; I went shopping and bought a window cleaner, a floor scrub, a wood polisher, toilet cleaner, tile cleaner, among many others…  and then I realized within my first year after much research ‘this stuff is disgusting and even worse TOXIC!!!!’ it has warning  signs all over it. ‘Do not swallow’, ‘do not touch with hands’ , ‘do not put in eyes’ , ‘DANGER’, ‘call poison control’ 😦 … What the hell am I doing using this stuff in my home??? Why did I even purchase it ???

Part of this realization was with all the miscarriages that I went through I came across so many links to cleaning products being toxic … and again I asked myself why are they selling this crap??? and even worse why did I buy it 😦 ?

I quickly learned and figured out the 3 best products for cleaning… vinegar, lemon and baking soda.


A combination of these 3 makes a great polisher, floor, window, sink, toilet, shower cleaner and bath scrubber… among the many other uses. Yes, maybe I do need to give it a bit more elbow grease; but at the end of the day when my child is crawling on the floor and then decides to lick their fingers, or even worse lick the floor,  I will not freak out about the toxic chemicals they are ingesting. Or while I am scrubbing the toilet with baking soda and vinegar and inhaling it I know that I will not be getting asthma from it.

This is a  great website of everything you can do with vinegar


I was truly shocked when I first learned that these products have been linked to cancer, asthma, allergies among many other health concerns. Why would anyone knowingly be selling this stuff ? For money of course. The items have a great marketing  budget and therefore are sold and in turn they make MORE money which makes them get a bigger marketing budget  to sell more of their toxic chemicals. It is a vicious circle.

Have you ever seen a commercial for vinegar to clean your floor?

I believe for our health and that of the environment, we need to take a step back and seriously question what  items we use around our house. Do you think that that bottle of floor cleaner with a ‘death if ingested’ sign is really worth it ? If not, and you are questioning this; then make the change, vote with your dollar, stop buying this stuff. There are many natural options on the market today as apposed to over a decade ago when my journey began. Or make your own 😉 and tell these toxic companies to take a hike. 

Did you know that apparently large companies only need to see a 10 % sales drop for them to ask questions and pay attention to what the consumers wants? only 10% !!!! 

Like I said in my initial post in this series… QUESTION EVERYTHING .. just because it is sold, does not mean you need it or that it is good for you or safe!

I will post about  laundry and dish soap in my next post … so please come back and check it out 🙂


animal testing

I am strongly apposed to animal testing .

Quite frankly I am apposed to the fact that a product would even need to be tested on animals. To see what? If it kills the animal? If it makes it sick? If it turns the animal blue? Seriously, why would I want to buy, say a lipstick, which contains chemicals that are so foreign to a human that they are needed to be literally injected into the eye ball of a rabbit to see what effect it would have?

My rule is; if I  don’t know the ingredient then I  don’t want it on my body or in my body and even more so if the ingredient needs to be tested… then I don’t even want that ingredient in the same zip code as me!

Leave the animals alone and how about instead of making toxic products companies take a different stance and make natural organic ones that need no testing? how is that for a solution?!

Vote with your dollar and refuse to buy from companies who test on animals!

a great seal to look for is the  leaping bunny  cruelty free 🙂

leaping bunny

side note on body products

As a side note to my recent body products posts found here part 1 and part 2.

Almost all body products from soaps to shampoos to make up to creams and so on …come in a plastic container. So I want to take a moment and bring attention to how much plastic that is and the consequences of our actions. If  each one of us buys a few of these items regularly think of how much plastic is being used? and pilling up?! yes we don’t all have time to make our own stuff  I understand that  and yes we can recycle these containers.

but these are my suggestions:

  • I think the 1st step is not consuming as many of these items as we use… so cutting back and reducing.
  • step 2, when possible make our own … for example instead of buying a moisturizer try using some oil on your skin.


  • step 3 is a neat alternative to at least help eliminate the plastic addiction; I recommend a store where you bring your own containers and fill them with soap and shampoos and conditioners instead of buying a new bottle each time (these stores are popping up everywhere and they are great because they tend to sell healthier more natural items) and they tend to cost less so not only are you saving the planet and buying healthier items but you are saving money as well!